4 Essential Senior Pet Products

Pet products for senior dogs are helpful in protecting your pet from losing his quality of life as he gets older. As dogs age, they go through many of the same changes that humans do. It's not uncommon for senior dogs to lose some of their mobility. Many dogs require products that help them to move or to get around. Others develop medical issues and require attention in that respect as well. There are a few senior pet products that you are well advised to consider purchasing for any dog that is approaching old age.

1. Car Ramp

One of the biggest issues for many senior dogs is getting in and out of cars. As your pet gets older, it's likely that you'll need to make more and more frequent trips to the vet's office. However, if you have a car that is situated a few feet off of the ground, it can be very hard for your pet to get in or out of that car on his own. A car ramp can be compacted and stored in the car when you're not using it, and it easily folds out to allow your pet an even and gentle slope to get up and inside of the vehicle.

2. Specialized Grooming Tools

As your pet gets older, he may require unique grooming tools to help keep him clean. Older pets tend to develop crusty buildup around their eyes and will need to have specialized eye cleaners to ensure that they don't suffer any vision loss or discomfort. The same is true for other parts of your pet's body as well. Generally speaking, it's important that you keep your older dog well groomed and that you work as carefully as possible to avoid injuring him or causing him any discomfort.

3. Orthopedic Bedding

Older dogs oftentimes suffer from weakened bones and joints, and they require unique types of bedding in order to feel adequately comfortable. This can be remedied by purchasing bedding for them that has firmer support and additional padding. Be aware of your pet's comfort and his needs, as sleeping on an improper bedding surface can cause him additional stiffness, loss of mobility and pain.

4. Heat Treatments

Dogs suffering from stiffness can also benefit from a variety of different types of compresses and heat treatments. These hot water bottles and pads can be applied to different parts of your dog's body to help increase his mobility. Many owners find that these particular products are especially effective for pets in the morning time or at night when it is cold. These are the two times of day when dogs are most likely to suffer from stiffness.

For more specific suggestions of products that will be best for your particular dog, ask your local veterinarian for his or her recommendations of essential senior pet products.