When and How to Administer a Cat Enema

No one loves administering a cat enema, but responsible pet owners should be willing to learn how in case of cat constipation. Kitten constipation is usually the result of a poor diet, but older cats are frequently incapable of effectively clearing the colon. Your vet will let you know if your cat's condition makes her a candidate for an enema.

  1. Two people are required in order to safely administer an enema, as one can keep her distracted while the other performs the procedure. Prepare an enema recipe or a solution designed for animals before you begin.
  2. Move your vet to the bathtub, in order to keep any mess to a minimum, and to ensure a smaller space if your cat gets loose.
  3. The person holding the enema should coat the tip of the bottle with a lubricant, like petroleum jelly, in order make insertion into the anus easier. Meanwhile, the person keeping the cat calm should hold onto the skin of the neck to restrict movement.
  4. Insert the catheter as far as possible, and slowly squeeze the contents of the enema bottle into the rectum, before withdrawing. Keep a litter box nearby for your cat to use afterwards.