Advantages of Disposable Litter Boxes

Disposable litter boxes are one of the greatest innovations available to address cat owners' most frequent concerns, including odor control, sanitation and convenience. There is no doubt that litter box maintenance is the cat owner's worst nightmare. There is simply no joy in changing a smelly cat litter box. However, disposable litter boxes have changed traditional litter box maintenance into being more manageable and less aggravating.

Disposability and Convenience

The main purpose of disposable litter boxes is to reduce the amount of time that it takes to change a cat's litter box. Whereas there are many different methods that can be used to routinely clean or change a litter box, disposable litter boxes have a very simple methodology: pick them up and throw them out. There is nothing more to do than that, and that is what cat owners love about the invention.

On average, it can take anywhere up to ten minutes to clean a cat litter box, depending on the setup. Some cat owners use litter liners, while others use nothing and end up cleaning the actual litter box each time. The great thing about disposable litter boxes is that cleanup time can be reduced to one minute or less. Simply pick up the disposable unit, throw it in the garbage and replace it with another disposable unit.

Odor Control

There is probably nothing more irritating to cat owners than trying to control the natural scent of a cat litter box. While there are several products on the market that promise odor-control results, the fact is that odor from the litter box remains difficult to control. With the onset of disposable litter boxes, however, odor control has become much easier to achieve.

Some disposable litter boxes are made of biodegradable paper and some are made of plastic. The advantage of the biodegradable unit is that it can work with the litter to help control odors. Biodegradable units are essentially made of recycled paper, which are porous and can provide a constant filter for air flow; plastic units, on the other hand, cannot. The goal of this air filtering system is to keep the litter dry. As long as the litter stays dry, odor can be reduced.


The most common health concern about cat litter box maintenance is toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is a bacterium that all cats naturally carry, although it theoretically causes them no harm. Humans, however, are extremely susceptible to toxoplasmosis, and the only way that it can be transmitted is through feces. While the condition does not typically cause medical harm to humans, young children and pregnant women are more likely to experience complications with the condition because of their weakened immunity. The use of a disposable litter box can greatly reduce this risk because it limits human contact with feline feces.