Advocate for Dogs

Advocate for Dogs, also known as Advantage Multi in some areas, is a leading treatment in veterinary medicine for canine heartworm. This medicine stops heartworms from being able to survive in your dog's body system, thereby protecting your pet from the potential dangers of these parasites. Because heartworms are serious medical concerns and may cause your pet's heart muscle a great deal of damage, taking the proper precautions to prevent heartworm infection before it can start is a great way to ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy for many years.

Advocate for Dogs Overview

Advocate is a topical treatment for heartworm. It can be applied directly to your dog's skin. The medicine is then absorbed into your pet's skin and passed subcutaneously through his body until it reaches all of his different organs and body systems. The medicine is designed to be applied once per month, and the exact amount that you'll need to apply and the specific procedure that can be used to apply it is dependent upon your dog's size and weight.

Advocate Benefits

The primary benefit of Advocate for Dogs is that it can prevent heartworm infestations. Because heartworms can be fatal or cause your pet severe health problems, it's very important that you stop them from infecting your dog in the first place. Advocate is generally not used to treat existing heartworm conditions, although it can help in this regard as well.

Advocate is easy to use and contains very few side effects for your pet. The few side effects that it does include (vomiting, greasy fur, skin irritation and redness) are generally mild and will discontinue after a short period of time.

Other Advocate Information

While it's very rare, it's possible for your pet to suffer from an allergic reaction to Advocate. If this happens, you'll notice that your pet has a difficult time breathing, chewing or swallowing shortly after providing him with a dose of the medicine. You'll therefore need to keep your dog under close supervision by a vet so that you can help to protect him from further damage to his health.

Applying the Advocate medicine is as simple as finding a spot on your pet's shoulder blades where he will not be able to lick at the medicine or to easily rub it off. Spread his fur so that you have access to his skin. Use the Advocate applicator pen to apply the correct dosage of the medicine directly to his skin. You can then let your pet go. In the case of larger dogs, you'll need to apply several drops in a few different areas in order to have the full effect of the medicine.

Heartworms are easily spread and are a common killer of dogs without protection from these parasites. Take the time and effort to protect your dog against heartworm infection by purchasing and properly using Advocate for Dogs today.