Allergy Bedding for Dogs

Allergy bedding is specifically made for dogs that suffer from allergies. Canines can develop allergic reactions to certain substances that are present in the air or allergens that their skin comes in contact with. Pet bedding is also known to trigger allergies in pets because some of the beds, mattresses and couches that are commercially available, don’t consist of natural or organic fibers and materials.

They tend to make your pet itchy and after excessive scratching, the dog will create open sores or wounds that are prone to infections. If you notice that your pet tends to avoid using the bed or the bedding that you’ve bought him, don’t force him to use it because it may be causing him excessive itchiness.

Commercially Available Allergy Bedding for Dogs

There are numerous pet-bedding manufacturers that are now creating beds, sheets and covers that consist of all natural fibers. These fibers are less likely to aggravate your pet’s skin and are known as "hypo-allergenic" products. Some beds are made with a fabric known as Natural Hemp. Hemp is a naturally grown crop that isn’t sprayed with chemicals or pesticides. Due to its nature, it’s ideal for use in pet bedding, blankets or cushions. If you can’t find beds that are made with Hemp, look for dog bedding that’s labeled "Organic".

Allergic Reactions to Bedding

Apart from buying bedding that’s suited to your pet’s skin you also need to make sure that the bedding is cleaned and washed thoroughly. Although you do have to read and follow manufacturer instructions to wash and thoroughly clean pet bedding you have to remember to use a hypo-allergenic shampoo or detergent. This is because your dog may not only be allergic to certain fabrics but he may also be allergic to chemicals that are present in commercial shampoos and detergents.

Apart from this, dust mites are known to survive in pet bedding and they could also trigger an allergic reaction in your dog. You have to wash your dog’s bedding at least once a week and clean the surrounding area with pet friendly chemicals to disinfect your home.

Tips for Pet Owners

  • If you have an allergic pet in your home, make sure you keep the house free from dust and dirt
  • Steam clean and vacuum the carpets regularly and keep flea infections under control
  • Since allergic dogs develop adverse reactions to several other allergens, avoid using deodorants or sprays around your pet and don’t spray your furniture or fabrics with air fresheners
  • Regularly bathe your pet with a hypo-allergenic shampoo and brush his coat daily to get rid of dirt and dust

When selecting bedding for your pet, find out the type of fill that’s present in the bedding you select because the fill may also cause allergies in your pet. Cedar chips and wood are commonly used fills that might not agree with all pets. To play it safe, look for bedding that’s labeled "hypoallergenic" or bedding that’s made with 100 percent natural cotton.