Does Allergy Free Dog Food Really Work?

To understand if an allergy free dog food will offer your pet relief, know what ails your dog. Particular foods are designed to treat specific conditions, while others are for dogs recovering from cancer or accidents. Does Your Dog Have A Specific Food Allergy? Without extensive allergy testing it might be hard to tell exactly what foods your dog is allergic to. First, look for the signs. Symptoms of dogs with food allergies include: * Excessive scratching * Dry, flaky skin * Dull coat * Hot spots, skin infections * Increased bowel movements Limit What You Serve Some dogs with strict food allergies bode well on limited diets. This includes fresh meat such as ground lamb or beef, and a bare-bones dried dog food with no fillers and preservatives. No doubt, eating an allergy free dog food can help your dog look and feel healthier. But a vet might recommend restricting your dog’s food intake for a certain period of time. This will determine if your dog improves before undergoing a series of allergy tests or limiting his diet to one product for a long-term basis. Sample a Few Products Always look for all natural ingredients. Establishing what food is best for you dog will initially be through trial and error. Some dog foods are geared for pets with specific allergic conditions. An allergy free dog food can alleviate skin problems, irritable bowels and an upset stomach. Pay close attention to the beef, dairy products and wheat sources in dog foods since they are big triggers for dog allergies.