Alternative Arthritis in Dogs Treatment Options

Dogs treatment for pets suffering from arthritis includes a large palette of possibilities ranging from traditional medicine to alternative treatment. Even if the evolution of the disease can’t be stopped, the dog’s suffering can be alleviated.

Arthritis can be caused by many factors: aging, joint and cartilage trauma, vaccines or even certain drugs.

Symptoms for Dogs with Arthritis

The symptoms of arthritis can be easily mistaken for the symptoms of other diseases. However, you may notice certain changes in your dog’s behavior:

  • Lameness
  • Difficulty in performing certain movements
  • Refusal to play or to be touched
  • Stiffness or limping
  • Panting
  • Licking the joints
  • Muscle atrophy

If you suspect that your dog has arthritis, get some laboratory tests, which can confirm the diagnosis. Typically, arthritis is an old age disease that can make its debut after the age of 5.

Traditional Arthritis Treatment

The traditional dog arthritis treatment involves taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as Rimadyl and other non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These drugs can bring a temporary relief but the disease will persist or even worsen.

However, the traditional medication treatment may have numerous side-effects such as gastric ulcers or liver damage.

Alternative Treatment Options

Holistic treatments consider the body as a whole and unlike traditional drugs these remedies won’t have side effects.

There are many natural ways to treat canine arthritis. Carefully chosen, these treatments can be of great help:

  • Acupuncture is a very successful technique in relieving canine arthritis. Acupuncture can treat any disease and can relieve pain of any kind by applying small needles in various points of the dog’s body, triggering physiological responses of the body.
  • Homeopathy, which employs various ingredients in dilutions, which can reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Bryonia and Rhustoxicodendron are 2 commonly used ingredients in homeopathic dilutions in the dog’s arthritis treatment.
  • Hydrotherapy is another treatment option recommended by holistic veterinarians. The warm water and the hydrojets act as a beneficial massage, which increase blood circulation resulting in better mobility, a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and a more efficient cardio-vascular system.

Herbal Supplements for Canine Arthritis

Herbal supplementation can help rehabilitate of the damaged cartilages. The herbal supplements can be effective and also exclude all the damaging side-effects of anti-inflammatory drugs:

  • Yucca is a safe, natural supplement which stimulates the body to produce its own cortisol, reducing pain and inflammation

  • Turmeric is highly recommended by holistic veterinarians as an anti-inflammatory herb

  • Licorice, is a natural cortisone, relieves pain, reducing joint-swelling but without destroying the immune system

  • Cayenne is a frequently used herb in the treatment of stiff joints. It can be used in the form of a pill or topically as a cream or ointment. It increases circulation and blocks pain.

Finding a natural remedy that really works for your dog can do a lot in improving his condition.