Anasthesia Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Cleaning teeth for dogs is not an easy task. Many dogs attempt to wrestle away, potentially harming themselves in the process, making the teeth cleaning even more frustrating. For those who would rather not risk teeth cleaning by vet techs using anesthesia, look into an anesthesia-free practitioner.

Before and During

Anesthesia-free practitioners have less training than vet techs, so choose with care. Before beginning the procedure, ensure that your practitioner wears clean gloves and uses sterilized equipment to protect the health of your dog.

Relax your pet beforehand by massaging their mouth and jaw. Choose a time where your dog is less active, like after a morning walk. Stay in the room if you can, so you can reassure your dog if he gets upset.

Maintaining Healthy Teeth

Plaque buildup can start 24 hours after the teeth cleaning, so be proactive. Periodontal disease effects nearly 90% of animals every year, so include tooth brushing in your dog's weekly routine.