Antibiotic Eye Drops for Cats

When treating conjunctivitis or pink eye the best and most common treatment is eye drops for cats. Conjunctivitis is caused by an infection of bacteria. This condition can be contained and cured when diagnosed but if left unattended there may be serious side effects that follow. These side effects may even include the cat going blind or complete removal of the eye may be required.

Signs of Conjuntivitis 

Signs that your cat need have contracted conjunctivitis and may need antibiotic eye drops include:

  • the schlera or whites of the eyes may appear pinkish or red
  • the eyes or membranes around the eyes may appear swollen
  • there may be excessive liquid from the eye or more commonly known as watery eyes
  • there may be a crusty build up around the eyes
  • or there may be considerable mucous build up in and around the eyes

Treatment For Infection

There are three types of methods that have been effective in treating conjunctivitis and other infections of a cat's eyes. The first and most effective is the use of drops or ointments which are applied directly to the eyes. The frequency for application of the eye drops is four to six times per day and one to two drops per eye. Ointments are applied less often and are placed on the eye at which point the cat is forced to blink resulting in the medication being distributed completely across the surface of the eye.

The second method of treatment is with injections. This treatment is far more hazardous to the cat than the other forms although the amount of applications is lessened proportionally. The major problem with injections is keeping the cat motionless while the syringe is being inserted into the area. If the cat suddenly moves the needle could scratch or even puncture the eye. The third method for treating an infection in the eyes of a cat are with a pill or liquid, but as cat owners know getting a cat to swallow a pill is very difficult.

Types of Medication

Some common antibiotics used in the treatment of infected cat's eyes are:

  • Polysporin eye drops. This is an antibiotic.
  • Neo Poly Dex Opthalmic. This is an antibiotic.
  • Polymynixin B. This is an antibiotic.
  • deramethasome. This is a corticosteroid.

 The most common duration for the use of medication for conjunctivitis is seven days. Even if the signs of the infection have cleared up it is best to continue with the treatment for the full seven days as otherwise there may be a risk of re-infection.

Antibiotic Effectiveness

The use of antibiotics are only effective for the treatment of infections caused by bacteria within the eyes. Antibiotics will not be effective in the treatment of scratches to the eye, foreign objects caught within the eye or a virus that is affecting the eye.

Side Effects of Cat Eye Drops

When using medication including antibiotics there is always the risk of side effects. Some side effects that may occur when treating with antibiotics cats who have eye infections are:

  • increased irritation of the eye
  • sneezing
  • coughing
  • build of mucous with in the nostrils leading to a runny nose
  • possible difficulty in breathing