How to Apply Cat Eye Ointment

Cat eye ointment may be prescribed by a veterinarian for a variety of reasons, such as feline uvetis, glaucoma or conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye. Proper application of cat eye ointment will not only clear up symptoms but also allow owners to apply the ointment efficiently and with minimum discomfort for the cat.

Always use ointment that has been recommended by a veterinarian and follow dosage instructions carefully. Also remember to continue applying the eye ointment for the prescribed length of time given by your vet, even if symptoms seem to clear up quickly.

Symptoms of Cat Eye Problems

Signs that your cat may have eye problems include:

  • swelling
  • discharge
  • excessive watering
  • redness
  • discoloration
  • clouding
  • squinting
  • head-shaking

If your cat is exhibiting one or more of these symptoms, take him to the vet's office for a correct diagnosis of any underlying health concerns.

How to Apply Cat Eye Ointment

Once a veterinarian has examined your cat's eyes he or she may prescribe a cat eye ointment. Follow the instructions of your vet when applying any medication.

To administer cat eye ointment, keeping your cat still is essential to prevent him from hurting himself or from getting poked by the ointment bottle. Some cats are calmer than others, and it helps if you already have an eye care routine with your pet so he is comfortable with his head and face being handled.

To restrain more excitable cats, be gentle but firm. Keep your dominant hand free to hold the medication. Use your opposite hand to hold the cat down. Hold one arm across the body of the cat to hold him in place in your lap. With this hand, hold the head of the cat still and use your thumb to gently lower the cat's bottom eye lid, creating a pouch.

With your dominant hand, pick up the medication. Hold the eye ointment a few millimeters away from the eye, making sure not to touch the applicator to the eye or eye lid. Apply a small line of ointment to the pouch of the eye.

Close the eye lid and gently massage the ointment into the eye, allowing it to distribute evenly.

Switch to the other eye lid and repeat.

If your cat resists it may help to use a restraint bag or have another person hold the cat while you apply the eye ointment. It may help to hold the cat by the scruff of his neck, gently holding the excess skin between the ears and shoulder blades.

Preventing Eye Problems

One way to prevent health issues in your cat that require the use of an eye ointment is to start an eye care routine when your pet is a kitten. Examine your kitten's eyes once a week, looking for discoloration, irritation, discharge, inflammation or changes in the eye's appearance. Once your cat is comfortable having a person handle his head and look at his eyes any future cat eye ointment application can be done swiftly and easily with minimal upset for the cat, or owner.