Automatic Dog Feeders and Waterers

Dog feeders and waterers have gained in popularity, because these devices will automatically give food to your pet, leaving you with fewer worries. They can be programmed to give food and water at regular hours, which is important for the pet's digestive system.

Benefits of Feeders and Waterers for Pet Owners

Feeders and waterers are a great solution for pet owners. If you lead a busy life and you have numerous chores, you can rely on the automatic feeders when it comes to providing the food for your dog. All you need to do is put food in the machine from time to time and change the water tank.

If you go on vacation or trip and your pet stays at home, you can rest assured the dog will not go without water and food for the days you are away. This means you don't need to take your dog to a kennel or get a pet sitter while you're away.

Benefits of Dog Feeders and Waterers

The automatic feeders and waterers will give the dog his meals at regular hours, so the dog's digestion is very likely to be regular.

By eating pre-established amounts of food, your dog will be less likely to get obese. Talk to a vet to determine the right amount of food that your dog needs on a daily basis, and the frequency of meals recommended for your dog's age.

Features of Feeders and Waterers

The dog feeders and waterers have a mechanism that will release food and water at the times you program them to do so. You can program the amount of food the dog gets. There are feeders of various shapes and sizes, so you may get one that is suitable for your dog's size and feeding habits. The waterers have a water tank, which can vary in size and should be changed regularly. Certain dog waterers also filter the water.

Disadvantages of Automatic Feeders and Waterers

There are a few possible problems with the automatic feeders and waterers. These machines have to be filled periodically with supplies and if you fail to do so, your pet will not get his meals. The feeders and waterers are machines, so they can break and if you don't notice, your dog will go without food and water and can get severely ill or dehydrated.

Some vets also argue that the machines will not keep the food fresh, and so the dog may get spoiled food. The machines are not recommended if your dog is on a wet diet, because wet food cannot be deposited in the machine for more than a couple of hours.

The feeders and waterers should be cleaned on a regular basis, as they can develop various bacteria which can be detrimental for the dog's health. The food and water bowls will also require regular cleaning.