Avoidable Dog Health Products: Unnecessary Counterproductive or Dangerous

Although pet owners are encouraged to use dog health products to prevent and control conditions like flea infections, not all products are essential for use. Some can even be harmful to your pet.

Avoidable pet products:

  • Supplements aim to boost your pet's immunity and make up for any deficiencies in the diet. However, many dog foods already contain vitamins and minerals. Supplements may be unnecessary and should be discontinued unless otherwise directed by the vet.
  • Laxatives shouldn't be immediately administered to pets suffering from constipation. Occasional constipation is common in all pets. Owners should instead provide their dog a diet high in fiber and plenty of fresh water.
  • Vaccinate your dog with only core vaccines. Pets should not be vaccinated at more than three yearly intervals. Vaccines such as leptospirosis should be avoided, as they can be harmful. Titer tests are generally safer than vaccines for leptospirosis. Avoid giving your dog combination shots, as it could cause severe autoimmune disease.
  • Pet exercise machines, pet training collars and products containing pyrethrins are often dangerous in nature and it's necessary to consider alternatives for them.
  • Before using any product on your pet, read and follow package instructions and consult the vet if in doubt. It's also better to obtain prescribed medication from the vet, rather than using over the counter products.