Bad Dog Breath: 4 Ways to Freshen It Up

Bad dog breath can be caused by illness or poor dental hygiene. Normal canine breath should not smell foul or putrid. A healthy diet, regular veterinary checkups and routine dental care will freshen your dog's bad breath.

Signs of an Unhealthy Mouth

Examine the teeth and gums; dog teeth should be white and free from plaque and the gums should be pink, not red. If you see small amounts of plaque and a reddish gum line, your dog may have the beginnings of gingivitis or periodontal disease. Early symptoms can be reversed with good dental hygiene. If you see bleeding gums, tooth loss, growths on the gum or sudden drooling, your dog may be suffering from a more serious condition.

Simple Steps to Fresher Breath

  1. Dental chews: provide plaque-reducing dental chews. These stimulate the gums and keep the mouth healthy.
  2. Crunchy treats: dry, crunchy dog biscuits can scrape the plaque off of the teeth. Dry dog food does the same.
  3. Brush teeth: there are special brushes and tooth pastes available for dogs. Do not attempt to use human tooth paste to clean your dog's teeth.
  4. Schedule a descaling: if your dog's gums are beginning to recede and you see heavy plaque buildup, he may need a professional dental cleaning. Your veterinarian can perform this procedure.