Bad Dog! Behavior Problems and What They Mean

For some pet owners, continued bad dog behavior stems from not knowing the root of the problem. Your dog’s disobedient behavior may start out small, but can spiral into more aggressive actions and poor habits. Learning what causes your dog’s problem will help you find a solution.

Defiance: Not Following Commands Normally, your dog wants to be included in all your activities. But when he reaches adolescence, he will try and defy your established routines. If your dog won’t let you put on his leash or refuses to sit, he’s trying to improve his rank. Giving him firm commands and staying calm will show your dog who’s in charge and control his bad dog behavior.

Unprovoked Attacks When a normally mild-mannered breed like a Labrador or Golden Retriever suddenly attacks another dog or person, it’s not the average behavioral issue. Such aggressive acts and erratic temperament can point to careless breeding practices. Your dog could require extensive training and counter-conditioning techniques to reverse the effects of inferior breeding conditions.

Inappropriate Urination When some dogs become overly excited, they tend to pee uncontrollably. This can happen when a visitor enters your home or when you begin playing with your dog. This bad dog behavior typically happens when dogs do not get routine walks and have a lot of un-channeled energy. Likewise, submissive urination occurs when a dog is punished and does not understand what he did wrong or is nervous.