Baytril for Dogs

Baytril for dogs is an antibiotic intended for various bacterial infections. It can also be used in certain kinds of livestock. Baytril is a flouroquinalone, which means it is used to interfere with bacterial DNA and eventually, kill them off. Baytril can be used for various types of infections in dogs, including lung infections, wounds that have become infected, respiratory problems and many others. Most commonly, Baytril is used for skin infections in dogs, which can show similar signs to allergies.

Conditions Baytril Can Treat

Baytril for dogs is effective in treating the following conditions:

How Baytril for Dogs Works

There are several uses for Baytril in dogs, but they all involve destroying bacterial infections. The Baytril actually harms the DNA in the bacteria and causes it to die. This antibiotic damages the inside of the bacterial cells, causing them to be destroyed. Baytril is mainly used to destroy bacterial infections in dogs, but the medication can also be used to prevent infections from surgery. It is an extremely effective way to kill off bacteria in your pet.

Side Effects of Baytril

While Baytril is generally a very safe antibiotic, there are some mild side effects that may occur. Baytril may cause watery stool or diarrhea in some animals. In extremely rare cases, it can cause strange changes in behavior or seizures. Dogs that are allergic to Baytril will likely experience a bad reaction to the drug. Baytril should not be mixed with certain stomach medicines, because it can cause a harmful reaction. Baytril should be used with caution in younger dogs, as it may cause joint problems. Although it is very rare, there is the possible side effect of blindness with the injected form of Baytril. Pet owners should always follow their veterinarian's instructions while giving their pet Baytril or any other antibiotic.

Baytril Being Banned

Baytril was banned, but only for the use in turkeys and chickens. The medication is still completely safe for dogs. The reason for the ban was due to the fear of Baytril causing a microbe's resistance to antibiotics in chickens and turkeys, which could lead to hurting humans in the future.

Baytril Otic

Baytril Otic is a type of Baytril that is designed for ear infections in dogs. The Baytril antibiotic is combined with an antifungal medicine in this variant. Although Baytril on its own does nothing for fungal infections, the combination of Baytril and antifungal medication is very effective in fighting ear infections in dogs.

Forms of Baytril for Dogs

Baytril comes in the form of tablets that are to be chewed. Plenty of water should be given to your pet along with the tablet. Baytril Otic is available in injections as well.