The Benefits of Serving Dry Cat Food

The benefits of serving dry cat food as opposed to wet cat food include cost and convenience. Dry food must be nutritionally balanced, however, in order to be the best diet for your cat.

Dry Cat Food is More Convenient Than Wet Cat Food

Dry cat food is convenient because it can be left out during the day without spoiling as quickly as moist cat food, letting cats eat at their leisure. A downside of this is the potential for overeating and obesity. However, if you are feeding your cat a high quality dry food, he'll likely eat less because he'll get all the proteins and vitamins he needs from smaller serving.

Dry Food Costs Less Than Wet Food

Another benefit of dry cat food is the cost. Compared to wet food, dry is much cheaper in the long run. The low price, however, is sometimes due to the poor ingredients companies use in the food. Dry food is not any less nutritious than moist cat food as long as you check the labels and see ingredients with plenty of protein like chicken or fish.

Make Sure Food Meets Diet Requirements

Many holistic kitten food and adult cat food are low on grain and fillers. Dry foods need carbohydrates to retain their shape and even grain-free or low grain holistic dry foods have some carbs. As long as proteins make up the main ingredient of dry food, this shouldn't be a problem.

One advantage of moist cat food over dry is water. Keep plenty of fresh water out with the dry food so your cat stays hydrated.