Features of the Best Cat Litter Boxes

A cat uses the litter box several times each day so choosing the best litter and litter box are extremely important for cat care. However, there are no absolutely best cat litter boxes. It is important to consider the box itself as well as the litter and your cat's individual preferences when choosing the litter box.

The Litter Box

When choosing a litter box, consider the following items:

Structure and Material- A durable box made of heavy plastic is usually the most appealing for cats and also the easiest to clean which is very important to cats.

  • Ventilation- A litter box with ventilation is very good for odor control. Many cats prefer a box without a lid that is a basic flat box. This is easy to clean but the litter is more likely to go on the floor. But if the box has a rim, you can use litter box liners that will stay in place. A box with a hood is often preferred because there is more privacy and also because litter and waste stays in the box. Changing the ventilation on the hooded box is of utmost importance as well as seeing if your cat feels trapped in this box and thus avoids it.
  • Size- Your litter box should be big enough for your cat to stand and turn easily.
  • Manual or Self-Cleaning- Self-cleaning litter boxes can be an excellent choice if your cat is not afraid of the sound the box makes. These boxes might not work well in multi-cat homes as one cat might come to use the litter box when it is in cleaning mode from the cat that used it just prior. Self-cleaning litter boxes still need to be manually cleaned at the owner's and cat's discretion.

There are new litter boxes that are meant to blend in with furniture and plants. These might be better on the eyes as long as they are still placed in a private area. Most cats don't like to eliminate in high traffic areas. These boxes might also encourage eliminating in unwanted areas if they look too similar to planters or furniture.

Safe Cat Litter

Cats have preferences in cat litter and you, of course, will want to choose a safe cat litter that is non-toxic. Your cat litter options:

  • Natural litters are either made from clay or natural silica consisting only of sand, water, and oxygen.
  • Clay litter does not absorb all odor and can get completely wet very quickly.
  • Natural silica litter comes in the form of litter pearls. The litter pearls absorb the waste and odor. It might help to mix the litter pearls with other litter your cat is used to. Many cats won't tolerate the litter pearls because of the difference in the consistency. Some cat litter pearls vary in weight which affects how much they get all over the floor.
  • Clumping litters are often the best choice for cleanliness, and cats often prefer something that feels like sand underneath their paws. Make sure the ingredients are completely natural and safe enough for the cat to ingest since cats clean their paws off with their tongues after using the box.