What Is the Best Cat Upset Stomach Remedy?

An upset stomach in a cat can be a very stressful situation for pet owners that feel helpless as they might not know what to do to help their cat feel better. Cat owners need not fret because there are some great cures one can try at home to ease a cat's tummy troubles.

Fasting or Eating Less

Food can make a cat feel worse when he has an upset stomach. By removing a cat's food for 24 hour can help give his stomach time take a break and eliminate the cause of the irritation. During the fast, a cat should have access to clean water so he doesn't become dehydrated. Adult cats shouldn't fast for more than 24 hours and kittens should not go longer than 4 hours without food.

If one is hesitant to make their cat fast for a day, they can try feeding the cat smaller portions of food several times throughout the day instead of a few big meals. A cat may also benefit from just eating less. Cats may vomit or get upset stomachs when they eat too much or too fast.

Feed Only Bland Foods

Commercial pet foods contain ingredients that most healthy cat's digest well, but the added chemicals can cause the cat to not feel so hot if his stomach is upset. A bland meal that cats do well with is boiled chicken with rice. One could try giving a cat a bit of chicken with rice to see if his stomach handles it well. He can be fed more of this recipe as he begins to feel better. Once there’s a significant improvement in a cat's condition, his regular food can gradually be reintroduced.

Another food item that cat's may tolerate well when they have an upset stomach is baby food in a jar that contains meat. One needs to make sure this product doesn't have any onions or garlic in it before giving it to a cat.

Go Natural

Cats love to eat grass, but it makes them vomit: this could be ideal for a cat with an upset stomach. Feeding a cat grass that's safe for consumption can help him throw-up the offending substance. Pet stores sell grass that safe for cats to eat.

Clear the Hairballs

Some belly aches in cats can be caused by hairballs. To help clear hairballs, one could get a cat to ingest some petroleum jelly by placing some on his paw to lick off. One should talk to a cat's veterinarian about guidelines for helping a cat pass a hairball as he may have special instructions or a product recommendation.

As some last bits of advice to help cure a cat's upset stomach, it is recommended that one not give a cat any over-the-counter medicines for his symptoms unless a veterinarian has recommended one do so. Also, one should get on the cat's level to see if there may be chemicals or other substances a cat is eating that may be causing toxicity. If a cat continues to have an upset stomach for more than 48 hours, he should be seen by a veterinarian.