What Is the Best Dog Dry Skin Remedy?

Dog dry skin is a common problem causing excessive itching, shedding and dry, flaky patches under the fur. There are many options available to cure dog dry skin. The best dog dry skin remedy will depend on several factors, including your dog's diet, any allergies and preferences of both dog and owner. There are medications available, as well as topical lotions, creams and natural and herbal home remedies.


Antibiotics are available for a temporary solution to cure a dog's dry skin. Antibiotics will quickly clear up any scaly, scabby or flaky patches, and alleviate excessive itching for your dog. Though antibiotics, like Cephalexin, work quite well for clearing up dry skin, the cause of the condition is likely connected to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, food reaction or other allergies. You'll want to use trial and error to assist you in figuring out how to prevent dry skin in the future.

Home Remedies

Common household and cooking products can be used to treat your dog's dry skin. Olive oil is a healthy product to use for many reasons. Add a tablespoon right to your dog's food 2 to 3 times per week. Not only will this help to clear up dry skin, but your dog should enjoy the special treat on his food as well.

An oatmeal bath is another option that should provide relief. Mix oatmeal with water and rub onto the skin patches to relieve and soothe the dry, itchy spots. Leave the mixture on for about ten minutes, then simply rinse with warm water.

Herbal Remedies

Visit your local health food store or herbal shop and there will be plenty of options that should help to relieve your dog's dry, itchy skin. Tea Tree Oil acts as an antiseptic agent, cleaning allergens off the skin. Tea Tree Oil will need to be reapplied often to keep the skin clean and treated.

Vitamin E is full of moisturizing properties and will keep skin from getting too dry. Apply Vitamin E directly to the skin, or have your dog swallow Vitamin E gelcaps, if possible.

Fish oil hydrates the skin and assists the skin to develop important essential oils. Fish oil is available in capsules or as a topical liquid that can be brushed through the dog's coat.

Calendula extract can also be used as a topical liquid, and is available at your local health food store. Calendula has antibacterial properties and can be applied directly to your dog's dry skin areas.

Dietary Changes

It's important to note that many allergies and dog dry skin problems are caused by food or vitamin deficiencies. You may want to experiment with food, keep notice of what your dog is eating and make sure enough water is being consumed. Add fresh vegetables, fruit and/or meats to your dog's diet to supplement his health. Increased overall health will contribute greatly to clearing up a dog's dry skin. Adding more water to your dog's diet will increase hydration and help to moisturize the skin naturally. If your dog isn't drinking enough water, add fresh fruit with high water content, or add water to dry dog food before serving.