4 Ways to Brush Dog Teeth

Brush dog teeth regularly. With a balance of calmness and leadership, you can master your dog's dental care. First, stock up on canine dental products like brushes, chew toys, toothpaste and wipes to complete the job.

Be the Leader

Before you even begin dental care, establish yourself as "the pack leader." Walk your dog everyday and lead him; don't let him lead you. Dogs have an instinct to be part of a pack. With the proper guidance, your dog will become a follower in your pack. Give your dog a structured lifestyle that fosters positive, obedient behavior. Brush dog teeth the same time everyday just like you would walk and feed your dog.

The Tender Way

Approach your dog where he is comfortable. Start petting and praising him. Then, gently begin massaging his mouth and gums. Create a sense of calm by speaking soothingly all the while brushing the outside of his teeth.

Dental Toys

Give your dog special dental toys and treats. Rope and rubber chew toys, rawhide chips and tartar control biscuits are good for dental hygiene. This way, your dog gets the added benefit of tooth maintenance while having fun and getting rewards.

Alternative Tools

Dental care pads help you maneuver around your dog's mouth easily. Use a canine dental wipe if it's too challenging to brush dog teeth one by one. Wipes and gauze pads help you clean sections of teeth rather than individually with a brush.

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