Canine Allergy Testing With Allercept

Allercept is one of the top canine allergy testing and treatment systems currently available. Once canine allergies are diagnosed, the next step required to effectively treat the allergies is identifying the specific allergens affecting the dog.

Testing for Allergies in Dogs with Allercept

Allercept is an allergy identification and treatment system to specify allergens negatively impacting dogs, cats and horses. Allercept has 5 comprehensive regional test panels-Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest and Tropical-based on common allergens found within those regions of the United States. Additionally, incorporated into each of these regional panels is a test identifying sensitivities to flea saliva.

The Allercept Process

Once a dog has been identified as having allergies, the veterinarian follows a standard procedure behind the Allercept testing and treatment program.

  • Bloodwork is drawn and prepared. Blood serum is sent to an Allercept approved laboratory that conducts the appropriate regional panel.
  • Test results are sent to the veterinarian for interpretation and formulation of treatment options.
  • The veterinarian provides the dog owner with information about the allergens affecting the dog along with treatment options.
  • While allergic symptoms can be responded to with a standard course of treatment, the most effective method is to run a regional Allercept panel and specifically identify the offending allergens. The test allows the veterinarian to recommend a treatment specific to the allergen(s) and allows the dog owner to remove those allergens from their home.