When Is Canine Chemotherapy the Best Treatment Option?

Canine chemotherapy is one way to treat the growth of a tumor in dogs. Chemotherapy is an effective treatment particularly when used in conjunction with other types of treatment for canine cancer, such as surgery, radiation and hyperthermia.

How Chemotherapy Is Administered

Chemotherapy treatment for dogs comes in the form of a pill most often. The treatment regimen varies depending on the advanced nature of the cancer and the size and weight of the canine needing treatment.

Pros and Cons of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is effective at killing the cancerous cells. However, the drugs also kill healthy cells in the process. The negative side effects of chemotherapy include vomiting, loss of appetite and compromised immune system. Despite the side effects chemotherapy does shrink cancerous tumors in canines.

Chemotherapy does not treat canine cancer symptoms. Chemotherapy only treats the cancerous tumor itself. Your veterinarian is likely to prescribe additional medication for your dog to address the symptoms associated with the cancer.