Canine Constipation Treatment with Pumpkin

Canine constipation is a problem that pet owners have to face at least once in their lifetime. A dog may be constipated due to his diet, a food he’s eaten, gastrointestinal infections, the dog’s lifestyle, stress or other underlying medical conditions. Pumpkin is a home remedy for constipated dogs. Pumpkin can be a great solution if the constipation is not severe and caused by an underlying disease.

Canine Constipation

Canine constipation can be detected if you observe the dog hasn’t eliminated feces for more than 48 hours. On average, dogs eliminate once or twice per day, depending on the type of diet he is on.

Most of the times, the constipation is acute and will resolve with home remedies or without administering any treatment.

However, if the dog’s condition is more complex (i.e. intestinal occlusion), veterinary treatment is necessary.

Pumpkin Treatment for Canine Constipation

Pumpkin is a treatment that is available for all dog owners and may be used in dogs with constipation if you are sure the condition is not severe.

Pumpkin is rich in fibers, which are helpful in conditions such as diarrhea or constipation. Fibers should be normally present in the dog’s diet, but when the dog is constipated, he needs a supplementation of fibers.

Get fresh pumpkin, peel it, grate it and feed it to the dog, as the pumpkin will have a laxative effect. Give the dog no more than 5 tbsp of the grated pumpkin twice per day. If you feed your pet more than this recommended dose, the dog may develop diarrhea.

Some people prefer to cook the pumpkin and feed it to the dog in this manner.

You may also used canned pumpkin, but this should be sugar free. Canned pumpkin may also contain other synthetic ingredients that could cause digestive problems, so you may opt for the fresh pumpkin and prepare it yourself.

The pumpkin treatment should give results within 24 hours. The dry feces from the intestines will absorb the moisture from the pumpkin and the fibers will help the elimination.

If your dog doesn’t produce feces after this treatment, you should visit the vet, as the dog may be affected by a serious problem.

Alternative Constipation Treatments

Pumpkin is a good constipation treatment, but there are also other at home treatments that may be used when you don’t have pumpkin:

  • Olive oil
  • Fish oil
  • Oatmeal

When the dog is constipated, you will have to provide a lot of liquids, to stimulate bowel movement and prevent dehydration.

Medication Treatment for Constipation

Dogs with constipation may get traditional treatment such as:

  • Propulsid (cisapride) drugs which will stimulate elimination
  • Enema injection, which will moisten the feces

Should the dog be affected by a serious underlying condition causing constipation, this should be treated. The treatment will vary depending on the dog’s condition and may be surgery or medication treatment.