6 Proven Canine Dry Eye Remedies

The official name for canine dry eye syndrome is keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). A dog with this condition will have trouble producing tears, which can result in drying and inflammation of the cornea. If your dog has a case of dry eyes, he'll need prompt treatment.

Eyes Can Dry Out Due to Medications

Finding what's causing your dog's eyes to dry out will take a fair amount of investigation. For instance, some medications can cause this condition. If your dog is taking any sulpha drugs, stop administering them immediately.

Six Dry Eye Remedies for Your Canine

If drugs are not the problem, help your dog to produce more tears. The following remedies can help relieve your dog from his dry eyes:

  • Apply a tear replacement product to keep your dog's cornea moist.
  • Wet the cornea with lubricating ointments and artificial tears.
  • Use a cyclosporine ointment to increase your dog's tear production.
  • Clean your dog's eyes before applying medication. Be sure and remove any discharge he may have in the eye area.
  • Along with the above treatments, some dogs might need a round of antibiotics or steroid treatments. Administering drugs is typical when a secondary bacterial infection appears such as an ulcer on the cornea.
  • Lastly, if no other remedy works, your dog may need to have surgery. A veterinary ophthalmologist will perform a delicate procedure known as a parotid duct transposition.