Canine Dry Skin Home Remedy

Dry skin in dogs is caused by environmental factors, frequent bathing or a medical condition. Dry skin can be itchy, can cause discomfort and affects the way your dog’s coat looks. It is not a severe condition in itself but it can facilitate other more serious skin conditions to develop. Dry skin may be easy to treat; you just have to pay attention to your dog’s behavior and realize what the cause is and find a treatment. There are several home remedies for dry skin, but when you suspect something is wrong, it is for the best to consult your veterinarian and rule out other possible skin conditions or underlying diseases before you start treating it.

Canine Dry Skin Home Remedy

Once your dog’s itchy skin has been diagnosed as dry skin and all other possible causes (bacterial and fungal infections, parasites, allergies, fleas and other parasites or another underlying serious medical condition) have been ruled out, you can start treating it by:

  • Choosing a natural dog shampoo, which can contain oatmeal
  • Reevaluating bathing frequency
  • Massaging his skin with oils
  • Using rinses after the bath
  • Changing the dog’s diet
  • Taking care of his exposure to environmental factors
  • Using oatmeal paste

Dry Skin Dog Grooming

If your dog’s skin is dry and itchy, you should reduce the frequency of bathing and change the shampoo you are using.

 It is important to use a natural soft dog shampoo which contains natural oils and nourishes your dog’s skin. Remember not to use human shampoo on dogs, especially if they have dry skin.

You should also be careful not to bathe your dog too frequently since this constantly removes the natural oils produced by his skin. You can also purchase a canine rinse based on hydrocortisone which helps with itchy skin.

Petting and massaging the dog’s coat with a towel can help spreading the natural oils all over his skin.

Appropriate Diet for Dry Skin Dogs

A balanced diet plays an important role in restoring your dog’s skin health. It is important to feed him fatty acids to treat and prevent flaky, dry skin.  You can supplement his diet with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids supplements.

Moreover, make sure your dog drinks plenty of water. Dehydration dries the skin even more.

Protection from Environmental Factors

Extreme heat or extreme cold can harm your dog’s skin pH balance. If your dog has dry skin, try to limit his outdoors time, especially in extreme temperatures. Use air humidifiers when indoors.

Your dog could also be allergic to a variety of allergens to which he is more exposed when staying outside.

Oatmeal Paste for Dry Skin in Dogs

Oatmeal paste has been proven efficient against dry skin. You can make a paste by mixing oatmeal with water. Put the paste on your dog’s skin and cover the area with a towel. Allow the paste to stay on the dog for about 15 minutes and repeat the procedure daily.