Treating Canine Dry Skin and Dandruff

When skin cells form, die and then flake at a fast rate, canine dry skin and dandruff persists. Treat your dog to an oatmeal bath or rub on a moisturizer to vanish his flaking skin. A higher level of grooming and better nutrition will result in healthier skin.

Pamper Your Pet

Bath your dog regularly to remove any flakes on his skin before they have a chance to build up. Give him warm baths once a month during the winter and then twice a month during warmer months. Use a mild shampoo and then dry your dog thoroughly.

Select a dandruff shampoo made with sulfur or salicylic acid. Do not use medicated shampoos designed for humans or those with insecticides as they contribute to canine dry skin.

Lubricate your dog's skin. Pets living in arid climates are more prone to dandruff and dry skin. Give your dog's coat a spritz of neem oil to help it retain moisture.

Frequent brushings are essential for dogs with problematic skin. It ensures that the dog's natural oils are being distributed evenly over his dry skin. Use a soft-bristle brush at least once a week to scoff away flakes and excessive dander.

Diet, Dryness and Conditions

Many times dandruff occurs when a dog is on a low-fat meal plan. Add a little fat to your dog's diet or administer him fish-oil supplements.

Switching to a high-grade food can also eliminate your dog's dandruff. Some generic foods are low in essential vitamins and minerals that his coat and skin needs.

Sometimes canine dry skin is part of a serious condition. The following are symptoms of allergies, parasites and skin infections:

  • itching
  • scabs
  • crusting
  • thick dander
  • thinning hair/tufts of hair falling out