Canine Ear Protection from Parasites

Canine ear parasites can really make your dog uncomfortable. Parasitic infection of the ear can not only be painful and annoying, it can permanently damage your dog's hearing. Here are some tips on how to prevent infection by canine ear parasites.

Practice Proper Ear Care

Proper ear care can go a long way towards preventing an ear infection. If your dog has frequent ear problems, have his ears cleaned regularly by his vet. Also, trim any long hairs that may be found in or around the ear. You can use a small pair of scissors to trim hair outside the ears. Carefully pluck any hair growing inside the ear canal with tweezers.

Clean your dog's ears once a week during the summer months. Use an ear cleaner recommended by your vet; it will contain ingredients that help balance the pH inside your dog's ears to prevent yeast infection. Clean your dog's ears after bathing and swimming as well.

Keep your dog's ears dry; if your dog has long, floppy ears, you'll need to pay extra attention to drying them. Don't use a cotton swab in your dog's ear, as this could cause him pain and even injury.

Know the Symptoms of Parasitic Infection

If your dog's ears become infested with parasites, such as ear mites, there will be some telltale signs. Your dog will shake his head and scratch his ears excessively. Ear mites and other parasites also often leave black, gritty residue inside the ear.

If your dog develops a yeast infection of the ear, you'll also notice shaking and scratching behaviors. Yeast infections are also accompanied by a foul odor. Sometimes, bacterial infections develop alongside the yeast infection, so your dog may excrete pus from his ears. Inflammation may occur if the yeast infection is left untreated.

Get Prompt Treatment

Prompt treatment for ear infestations is vital. Ear parasites including mites and yeast can damage your dog's hearing if the infestation is left unchecked. Fortunately, treatment of these infestations is usually straightforward and simple.

Avoid Infested Dogs

If you know of any dogs who are currently suffering from ear mites or other ear parasites, avoid them, as they may spread to your dog with contact. Conversely, if you discover that your dog has had contact with an infested dog, see your vet to acquire the necessary medications.