Canine Flea Control with Advantage for Dogs

Advantage for dogs is a topical flea medication that's used to kill fleas in varying stages of the life cycle. Fleas are insects that latch on to the dog's skin and transmit several infections to the pet through flea bites. Although certain topical treatments contain ingredients that kill both fleas and ticks, Advantage for dogs is formulated specifically for flea control. Dogs suffering from flea infections frequently scratch their skin and cause inflammation. Dogs are also sensitive to flea saliva which causes flea allergy dermatitis and symptoms like crusty, scaly skin.

Diagnosis of Flea Infection in Dogs

In order to prevent flea infestation in the home, it's best to check the pet routinely for fleas. Pet owners should comb the dog to determine if flea dirt or grainy particles show up on the comb. Adult fleas are capable of multiplication and it's thus essential to follow a multi-pronged approach to control flea infections. This involves medical treatment for pets and disinfection of the home and surroundings. Once flea infestations are eliminated, monthly topical solutions prevent the recurrence of adult fleas. They're also very effective for pets living in areas where flea infection is high.

Advantage® for Dogs

Advantage is a topical solution that's available in varying potencies for dogs 7 weeks of age or older. The active ingredient imidacloprid works effectively to kill adult fleas after an hour of application. The medication benefits pets that itch excessively due to flea bites as the ingredients stop fleas from biting within 5 minutes of application. Advantage is a more gentle formula in comparison to other flea control medicines. It also kills flea larvae rapidly and prevents fleas from multiplying.

Usage of Advantage for Dogs

The treatment is available in measured applicators that contain the dosage that's suited for dogs according to their weight. The solution should be applied to the skin between the shoulder blades for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs. The medication may also be applied in a few different spots from the head to the tail for pet's weighing more than 20 lbs. It's important to read and follow package instructions before administering any medication. The solution shouldn't come in contact with the dog's eyes, mouth or genitals.

Effectiveness of Advantage for Dogs

Advantage is a waterproof rapid-acting formula that's easy to administer. The active ingredient acts on the nervous system of fleas and paralyzes them. Adult fleas are killed within 12 hours of application. Although most pets benefit from the product, the medication is not suited to all dogs.


  • Prior vet approval is necessary for pets suffering from underlying health conditions.
  • Pet owners that apply the medication should prevent contact with the skin or eyes.
  • Overdose is dangerous and pet owners should use the appropriate applicator for individual pets.
  • Pets that exhibit unusual symptoms after the solution is applied should be given medical attention.
  • Empty applicators should be discarded appropriately. It's important to keep it away from both children and pets.

Since most flea preventive medications contain pesticides or insect growth inhibitors that may not agree with all dogs, it's important to take other precautionary measures to control fleas at home. Carpets and pet bedding should be thoroughly cleaned to kill flea larvae and prevent re-infection.