Canine Hydrotherapy Pools for Home Use

Canine hydrotherapy may be recommended for dogs that have gone through a surgery, have muscular or joint pain or are overweight. Hydrotherapy may also be recommended for dogs that are healthy and are kept in good shape with the help of this type of therapy.

Uses of Canine Hydrotherapy Pools

Hydrotherapy pools can be use din dogs in several instances:

  • Before or after surgeries
  • To relieve arthritic pain
  • To relive muscular pain
  • Slow down degenerative conditions
  • To relieve stress
  • For weight loss in obese dogs that may hurt themselves (i.e. eight pressing on joints) if exercising under normal circumstances
  • For maintenance and well being

Hydrotherapy has been used in humans since the beginnings of the human kind and has been adapted for veterinary use also.

The hydrotherapy pool is smaller than a regular pet pool and will be filled with warm water and salts or other medications the dog needs. The pools will also contain harnesses. The dog can swim and will be guided with the harnesses.  

The water is an environment that will not cause pressure on joints or the spine and will allow the dog to move and work his muscles, to maintain the muscles toned up in case of an injury or incapacity to move otherwise.

The dog may also exercise in the water and burn calories and this exercise is highly recommended for obese dogs or dogs that have joint problems.

Advantages of Dog Hydrotherapy Pools for Home Use

The main advantage of having a dog hydrotherapy pool for home use is that you will have the device for your dog at all times and you can administer the therapy in the comfort of your home, without having to go the a therapist of a vet clinic.

Also, you can be sure your dog won’t get different infections that may be transmitted through water when several dogs use the same hydrotherapy pool.

Disadvantages of Canine Hydrotherapy Pools for Home Use

One main disadvantage of canine hydrotherapy pool for home use is the high cost of these devices. These devices may be recommended for use only for a period of time and the investment may be too high.

Also, you may not be able to administer a proper bath to your pet and benefit fully of the effects of such a hydrotherapy pool, as you may not operate the device properly. For instance, it may be difficult for you to lift your pet out of the water and you may require some training to do so.

Always make sure to follow the guidelines of the vet or therapist and never adjust the device without consulting the vet first. Otherwise you can injure your dog.

If you decide to get a hydrotherapy pool for your pet, you should make sure you know how to operate it, so as you keep your dog safe.