Canine Illness Prevention: 3 Sanitation Steps

To reduce the chance of canine illness, take simple sanitation steps. A clean environment can prevent many common health problems.

Minimize Dust and Allergens

Keep dust to a minimum in your dog's living quarters. Allergic reactions to dust and molds can cause skin and respiratory problems, and viral infections such as ringworm can spread in dust. Vacuum regularly and use a humidifier in very dry conditions.

Reduce Exposure To Illness-Causing Parasites

Many internal parasites are spread through contaminated feces. A regular program of yard and kennel cleanup will reduce your dog's exposure to common worms. Collect and dispose of feces at least twice a week. There are services available in some areas that will do this for you.

Regularly Clean To Prevent Mold

Damp environments can promote the growth of mold and fungus. Regularly clean and disinfect moldy areas. Add a fan to promote complete drying. A dehumidifier may be added to control dampness. Regularly check all electrical cords and wires for wear. Remove any appliance that is showing signs of deterioration.