Canine Lung Cancer Treatment

Over the past few years, there have been several advancements in lung cancer treatment for dogs. Lung cancer has become common among dogs as more canines are being diagnosed with lung cancer each day. Lung cancer in general is of two types namely, primary and secondary lung cancer. Cancer that originates in the lungs is called primary lung cancer while cancer that originates elsewhere and spreads to the lungs is called secondary lung cancer. Secondary lung cancer is the most commonly occurring form while primary lung cancer is very rare.

The most important aspect in the treatment of cancer is to prevent the cancerous cells from spreading to the other parts of the body. Like any other form of cancer, there are three options for lung cancer treatment in dogs.

Treatment Options for Canine Lung Cancer

Canine Lung Cancer treatment includes:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy

Factors that Influence Treatment Options

All the three methods of treatment control the spread of the cancerous cells and help to prolong the life of your pet. The method of treatment depends on factors such as the age, the size and the breed of the dog as well as the progression of the cancer.

Surgery for Canine Lung Cancer

Surgery is always the primary method of treatment for any form of cancer. However, the size and location of the tumor are two main factors that are taken into consideration before going ahead with surgery. When the cancer is small and is located in only in one area, surgery is the best option as it would help to remove the cancerous mass cells completely from your pet’s body.

If the size of the tumor increases and if the tumor is present in more than one place, surgery is not recommended as complete removal of the tumor won’t be possible.

Chemotherapy for Dogs suffering from Lung Cancer

Chemotherapy is used both as a primary as well as a secondary method of lung cancer treatment. In chronic cases where the cancer has spread to other parts of the body of the pet or grown large in size, chemotherapy is used as the primary method of treatment. Chemotherapy is also used as a secondary method of treatment after surgery and it has shown promising results to control the spread of the cancer.

Radiation Therapy for Dog Lung Cancer

Radiation therapy is not commonly used for lung cancer treatment in dogs and this is because of the proximity of the heart to the lungs. Hence the harmful radiation might have an undesirable effect on the heart of the pet. Moreover, radiation therapy is also the costliest of the three methods. However, it has been used in some cases and it has shown desirable results.

Natural Remedies to Prevent the Spread of Cancer

Though natural remedies such as herbs cannot prevent the spread of cancer, they could help to boost the immune system of the pet and thereby prolong his lifespan. The bugwig diet which consists of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese has proven to improve the immune system of pets during cancer. Natural supplements could also be added to the pet’s diet. However, it’s advisable to obtain the consent of the vet before taking such measures.

Lung cancer is fatal and the different methods of treatment are used to prolong the lifespan of your dog. In addition to treatment it is the duty of the pet owner to make sure that the pet has a peaceful and comfortable life, free from discomfort and pain.