Canine Pain Medication Options for Localized Injuries

Canine pain medication can help your dog recover comfortably from injury. Here are some canine pain medications commonly used.


NSAIDS are anti-inflammatory non-steroidal drugs. The NSAID aspririn can be safely used at home to relieve your dog's minor pain. Aspirin-based headache powders can also be useful for managing your dog's minor pain at home. They are easy to administer-- simply mix them into your dog's food. Pills can be administered by wrapping them in a piece of cheese or meat that your dog will find tasty.

Other popular NSAIDS used as canine pain medication include:

* Carprofen * Etodolac * Deracoxib * Meloxicam * Tepoxalin * Firocaxib


Opioids are only prescribed for the most severe pain. Opioids that may be used as canine pain medication include morphine, codeine, and demerol.


Anti-depressants may be prescribed for a few days following surgery. Amitriptyline is commonly used.


Sedatives are prescribed to reduce pain and help your dog sleep. Sedatives are most often prescribed for canine pain management following surgery.