Treating Canine Parvovirus With Recombitek C4

Recombitek C4 is a vaccine designed to immunize dogs against canine parvovirus and other widespread virus-based diseases. As a genetically engineered vaccine, Recombitek C4 is a relatively new and efficient method of protecting your pet against dog parvovirus and other contagious canine viruses like distemper, adenovirus, coronavirus, hepatitis and influenza. Parvovirus, or parvo, is among the most lethal of these diseases and can cause death within days of the first noticeable symptoms. Because the parovirus is so fast-acting, prolific and dangerous, puppies and dogs are strongly recommended to receive dog vaccines that protect against the disease on a regular basis.

Here are details on how Recombitek C4 provides immunity against parvo, along with general information on what to expect when your pet receives this vaccination.

How Does Recombitek C4 Work?

Like other kinds of dog vaccinations, Recombitek C4 works by triggering the canine immune system to recognize a specific virus and create a natural defense system against it. This is done by introducing properties of the virus into a dog's system through an injectable solution. Recombitek C4 was generated using a form of genetic engineering known as recombinant technology.

As one of the newest methods of vaccine preparation, recombinant technology results in vaccine solutions that contain purified protein from a virus instead of dead or weakened forms of the entire organism. Using purified proteins greatly reduces the risk of a puppy or dog becoming sick from the vaccination. Recombitek C4 is also categorized as a "high titer" vaccine, meaning it contains higher concentrations of virus material. Vaccines with greater amounts of virus protein provide more time for a dog to build immunity against a disease. High titer vaccines are particularly beneficial to puppies, since they are more susceptible viruses once they lose the antibodies found naturally in their mother's milk.

Recombitek C4 Use and Effects

Recombitek C4 is generally intended for adult dogs and puppies 6 weeks and older. Typically, puppies require a series of follow-up injections in the weeks after their initial vaccination. Your veterinarian will recommend the best re-vaccination schedule for older dogs and puppies that have completed their first series of shots. Recombitek C4 is designed to immunize against the two most common forms of canine parvovirus, CPV2a and CPV2b, as well as five other contagious virus-based dog diseases. Recombitek C4 and other vaccinations may not be recommended for pregnant dogs. Side effects from Recombitek C4 are mild, particularly compared to those associated with older generation vaccines. Although rare, Recombitek C4 may cause side effects such as allergic reaction, inflammation, fever and lethargy. Puppies receiving their first vaccinations are more likely to experience adverse effects from the vaccine.

Although parvovirus and many other virus-based diseases are contagious and harmful to dogs, owners can help protect their pets with safe and effective vaccinations like Recombitek C4. Understanding the importance of immunizations and how they work are keys to helping your puppy or dog remain healthy and disease-free.