The Problems with Canine Tie Out Confinement

While it's convenient for a pet owner to tie out their dog while they go about their chores, it's extremely dangerous. Lack of supervision while a pet is tied up can lead to strangulation. It opens a dog up to attacks from other animals. It also allows harassment by children who find it funny. Never tether your dog unless you will be outside.

Danger of Strangulation from Tethering

Every year, thousands of animals die because they are placed outside for an afternoon or all day while their owners go to work, perform household chores or run errands. Dogs can get scared and attempt to jump over a fence, strangling themselves, or they can get tangled with pressure around their necks. Every death from pressure on the throat is preventable; lack of supervision is always to blame.

Tethering a Dog Restricts of Food and Water

Some people like to tie their dog out and go to work or run errands. During that time, the dog wraps himself around an object and suddenly can't reach his food or water dish. As the temperature climbs, the dog overheats and enters the stages of heat stroke. This is another reason tethering a dog is dangerous.

Problem with Harassment by Children

In every corner of the world, there are kids who enjoy tormenting animals. It's not right, but it happens. If you tether your dog and are not in sight, there is the occasional child who might find it funny to then throw rocks at the dog, especially if the dog barks as people who pass by your house.

If this happens, a dog may start to fear humans, particular children. A hurt animal will lash out by snapping or biting and then you are open to a lawsuit, even if the child was tormenting the dog.

Animals Can Attack

While you may feel you are doing the right thing by leashing your dog, it actually opens your dog up to an attack. A stray dog, wild animal or even a neighbor's cat may opt to attack your leashed dog. As the dog is restricted by a tie out, he can't escape.

Proper Use of a Dog Tie Out

Dog tie outs should only be used if you are nearby and able to see your dog from your location. Times when a dog run or tethered leash are appropriate are if you are enjoying your back deck and want to be able to cook on your grill without your dog being near enough to get burned. A family picnic at the beach with a tether allows you to bring your pet without worry that he'll run off.

You must be able to quickly intervene if the leash becomes tangled.