Puppy Canine Tooth Loss: Should I Worry?

Puppy Canine Tooth Loss: Should I Worry?

Dogs tend to have a permanent set of teeth around six months of age. If a dog is older than six months of age and experiences canine tooth loss, it could be cause for concern. Otherwise, it is a perfectly normal occurrence for younger dogs to lose their teeth.

Order of Teeth

When a dog begins to lose its teeth, this tooth loss will happen in a very specific order. The first teeth that a dog will lose are the incisors. Following the incisors, dogs will lose their canine teeth and, finally, their premolars.

Adult Teeth

If your puppy has lost a couple of its teeth, then this is not cause for alarm. The second set of teeth will grow in place of the lost teeth within a couple of weeks. During this time, you can ease teething pain by purchasing a special teething chew toy for your dog. Older dogs can have canine tooth loss for a number of reasons. Tooth decay, broken teeth, and gum disease are all probable causes of tooth loss. If your dog is past six months of age when a tooth falls out, then medical attention must be sought.