Using Cat Chews for Oral Hygiene

Give your cat specially formulated dental chews to prevent plaque and tartar build up. Not only can chews prevent your cat from getting an oral infection, but they provide a healthy way to reward her during training exercises.

Promote Oral Hygiene with Dental Chews

Begin dental care when your cat is young to promote a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Here are some tips for incorporating chews:

  • Stock up on dental chews appropriate for the age of your cat.
  • If your cat dislikes having her teeth brushed, give her a variety of toy and biscuit dental chews.
  • Cats can get tartar from eating wet or semi-moist foods. Be sure and incorporate some kibble-based chews into your cat's diet.

Features of a Good Dental Chew

Complement a well-balanced diet with healthy dental chews. Here's what to look for in dental products:

  • Plaque-fighting enzymes
  • Antioxidants
  • Tocopherols (instead of chemical preservatives)
  • Ascorbic and citric acid
  • Natural flavor and antiseptic
  • Abrasive texture that's appropriate for the age and health of your cat
  • Dental chew toys made with netting materials, which is a flossing agent

Reward Good Cat Behavior with Healthy Chews

Rewarding your cat with a treat is an excellent form of positive reinforcement. But if you feed her snacks laced with sugar or animal by-products, it can inhibit her dental health. It's better to serve healthy products when training that can strip away tartar buildup.

If you have a kitten, keep her occupied with a chew or dental toy to prevent her from biting inappropriate household items.