Cat Eye Infection Drops

A cat eye infection can be a very serious condition, but there are various drops available that can treat the condition. Eye infections are fairly common in cats, and can be caused by a number of different culprits. Fungal infections, herpes and immunodeficiency viruses can all contribute to feline eye conditions and infections. It is important to treat cat eye infections quickly and properly, because the eyes are a sensitive area for cats. Eye infections can lead to vision loss or blindness if severe enough. Always consult your veterinarian when treating an eye infection in your pet, to make sure the cause is established and the correct treatment is given.

Causes of Cat Eye Infections

Eye infections are very common in cats and are caused by several different things. One of the most common causes is the herpesvirus. Herpes in the eye area can cause swelling, redness, sores, ulcers, dry eyes and other serious complications. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) can also cause eye infections in cats, and is caused by the coronavirus. Feline leukemia, immunodeficiency viruses and feline calicivirus can also cause severe eye infections in cats.

Sometimes, eye infections in felines are caused by bacterial or fungal infections. Chlamydiosis, which is a bacterial infection, is one of the most common types of eye infections that cats get. Chlamydiosis will cause the eyes to become red, inflamed, swollen and glossy. Other symptoms of this condition include high fever, nasal discharge and lethargy. Certain fungal infections in cats that cause eye infections can also cause seizures, head tilt and dementia.

It is very important to establish the underlying cause of your cat's eye infection. If the cause is due to a serious condition, it should be treated in the appropriate manner. Untreated eye infections in cats can also lead to vision loss and blindness.

Antibiotic Eye Drops for Cat Eye Infections

Once your pet has been diagnosed with an eye infection, the veterinarian will likely prescribe an antibiotic eye drop as treatment. Antibiotic eye drops contain the proper ingredients needed to heal the eyes and kill bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens. It is important for pet owners to use the proper eye drops recommended by a veterinarian to treat a feline eye infection; using the wrong type of eye drops may not be effective for your pet. Cats also have more sensitive eyes than humans, and should be given an eye drop that is made especially for feline eyes. There is no substitution for antibiotic eye drops, and they must be used when your pet is suffering from an eye infection.

Antibiotic eye drops may also be used if your pet is suffering from allergies. Signs of allergies in cats include red, itchy eyes, sneezing, lethargy, runny nose, coughing and breathing difficulties.

Antibiotic eye drops for cats should only be used when prescribed by a veterinarian. Using eye drops the wrong way can be toxic for your pet, so they should always be used with caution.