How to Give a Cat a Flea Dip

A cat flea dip can be a very useful means of controlling fleas. But cat grooming isn't easy when liquids are involved! Here's how you can make grooming your cat with a flea dip easier for both yourself and your cat.

Step One: Enlist a Helper

The process will go a lot smoother if you have someone to help you. Also, if someone else does the actual dipping, your cat will resent them, not you.

Step Two: Gather Your Supplies

Here are the supplies you'll need to perform a cat flea dip:

  • Several towels
  • Some rubber gloves
  • Long clothing that will offer some protection against scratches
  • Prepared flea dip

Have these things on hand before preparing your cat for his flea dip.

Step Three: Dip Your Cat

Your cat will no doubt resist being dipped. If he's calm, he'll be easier to flea dip, so try not to scare him. You and your helper should gently hold your cat's front and hind legs together so that he can't twist free, and submerge him in the flea dip up to the neck. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to know how long to hold your cat submerged.

Step Four: Dry Your Cat

You'll want to dry your cat thoroughly after his flea dip. Immediately upon removing your cat from the dip, wrap him in a large towel. Dab your cat's fur with the towel, and then remove excess moisture by rubbing briskly but gently.