Is Your Cat Having Kittens? Blood Testing for Pregnancy

When your cat is having kittens, there will be a few symptoms to indicate this condition. However there are cases when cats don't display any signs of pregnancy and the kittens take you by surprise. Blood testing can give you a clear answer.

Signs of Pregnant Cat

If you have an unsprayed female cat, you can expect her to get pregnant. A pregnant cat has a different behavior than before. She will be very affectionate towards you. You may also notice swollen nipples, weight gain and increased appetite, vomiting and a larger abdomen.

An old cat might not show symptoms but she may get pregnant if not sprayed. An elderly cat might need special care while pregnant so, it's recommended to detect the pregnancy in time.

Blood Testing

Generally, there is no need for a blood test to tell you whether your cat is pregnant; you will be able to deduce that for yourself. However, if you see no symptoms and suspect she might be pregnant; the blood test is the best diagnosis.

The witness pregnancy test is an approved blood test. Your vet will need a blood sample for your cat and you will get the results in less than 30 minutes. The blood test can only be conclusive if the cat is at least 4 weeks pregnant.

Alternative Pregnancy Tests

There are also other ways your vet can determine if your cat is pregnant. By palpating your cat's abdomen, the vet can feel if there are kittens. This method can be used after the second week of pregnancy.

The ultrasound, even if not available in all pet clinics, can tell you if your cat is having kittens. Your cat needs to be at least 3 weeks pregnant.

X-rays may also be used to determine a pregnancy. This method can only be used after 6 weeks of pregnancy, after the kittens have developed their skeletons and these are visible. The x-rays can also tell you how many kittens to expect.

Pregnant Cat Care

Pregnancy is a cat lasts for 9 weeks on average. For the maximum health of the mother cat and the upcoming kittens, you should pay attention to the cat's diet. Include a lot of wet food rich in vitamins and minerals and even a few nutrition supplements.

If your cat had too many kittens you might want to prevent future pregnancies. The only way to avoid a cat pregnancy is to have your cat sprayed. If you choose to do so, visit your vet and he will fix the problem.