Cat Health Information Research Tips

Researching cat health information doesn’t have to be a complicated, expensive process. By investing a little time and effort, you can find the best resources for information on feline health concerns.

Start with Your Veterinarian

Your veterinarian’s office is a wonderful starting point for feline health research. The doctor and the office staff are all trained professionals who have knowledge and information to share, and they have the added benefit of knowing your cat’s health history firsthand, which makes them better able to offer specific advice suited to your pet’s situation.

The office has handouts and brochures relating to feline health issues, and the doctor may even be willing to loan you books or DVDs on a particular subject. The office staff may also be able to refer you to other community resources, such as support groups for owners whose pets have similar health conditions or other local experts who may work in some aspect of animal care.

Contact a Breeder or Breed Rescue Group

If the health problem you’re researching is breed-specific, such as sinus problems in Himalayans or spina bifida in Manx cats, you may be able to obtain information from breeders in your area. Explain to the breeder that you’re seeking information, rather than trying to lay blame about the quality of a particular animal, and don’t provoke arguments.

Breed rescue groups may have members who are knowledgeable about certain breed-specific health issues. Here again, explain that you are searching for facts and information that can help your pet, rather than trying to start a fight over the problems caused by the particular health situation.

Call a Vet School

If you require additional information after talking to your veterinarian and to a breeder, you may find the answers you’re seeking at a veterinary school. The 28 U.S. veterinary schools not only train future veterinarians, they also provide vital research opportunities, such as the Indoor Cat Initiative sponsored by Ohio State University’s vet school, that help solve today’s pet-care problems.

Check with Pet Food Companies

If you feed your cat a premium pet food, you may be able to obtain feline health information by calling the customer service phone number printed on the packaging. The company’s food display in your pet supply store may also offer brochures or handouts pertaining to a specific topic.

Search the Internet

If you’re researching a specific cat health issue, such as feline leukemia virus, you can type that search term into your Internet browser to find online information on the topic. You can also visit feline veterinary sites and the sites of premium pet food manufacturers to find more answers to your health-related questions.

Visit the Library

Your local library can be a wonderful research in your hunt for cat health information. You can check out books on the topic or request them from other libraries via inter-library loan, and you can also conduct on-site or online research using the library’s reference facilities.