Cat Hiding Behavior Explained

The cat hiding behavior is common in felines and may be a signal from your pet. This might be a sign of illness or cat fear and anxiety.

Pregnancy Signs

If your cat seeks privacy, she might be in the last stage of pregnancy. This is when she is getting ready to give birth to kittens and she is looking for a quiet place in the house. In case you haven't noticed any pregnancy signs before, check for other symptoms to see if she is expecting.

Hiding Due to an Illness

Cats often hide when they are in pain. If your cat has an illness, you might notice that he is hiding in closets, under the bed or behind the furniture. This should be an alarming sign, so to be safe, take your pet to see a veterinarian.

New Cat in the House

If you have just got a new cat in the house, your other cat will show behavioral changes. He might be hiding from you or from the other pet. This is a sign of anxiety; your cat is anxious because he fears he will no longer be the center of attention.

New Place

Cats are sensitive to changes. If you have recently moved, the cat might display unusual behavior, including hiding from you. The cat will have to get used to the new place and explore the new surroundings.