Cat Illness Symptoms with Possible Dietary Origins

Your pet may experience certain cat illness symptoms but may not necessarily be ill; this may be due to the fact that the cat has a deficient diet or eats ingredients that don’t agree with his system. Common cat illness symptoms with dietary origins include dermatitis, vomiting, diarrhea, itchiness, hair loss, flaky skin, dull coat or lethargy and lack of activity.

Skin Rashes

Skin rashes or dermatitis may occur in felines and may have dietary causes. A food that doesn’t agree with the cat may cause skin irritation and dermatitis.

Skin rashes may also be presecant if the cat has a skin infection or due to contact allergies.


Certain ingredients may cause vomiting in cats; if your cat’s vomiting is chronic, this may mean that he has food intolerance to a component in his food or he has a more serious condition.

Please note that vomiting may also signal other conditions such as poisoning, tumors or heat strokes.

If your cat vomits several times per day and the vomiting persists over 24 hours, you should get veterinary help, as your cat can get easily dehydrated and this may be fatal.

The vet will establish if the vomiting has dietary causes.


Food allergies can cause itchiness in felines. Food allergies are very difficult to detect and several food trials are needed before the vet can establish if the cat is actually allergic to a certain ingredient.

Itchiness may also be caused by inhalant or contact allergies, parasites or skin infections.

The vet will examine your pet to establish if he is not allergic to inhalants or other materials and will also perform skin testing for infections.

If the vet will not find anything conclusive, food trials will be recommended


Diarrhea can occur if the cat is allergic or does not tolerate a food. Cats may eat from the garbage, ingest different objects or poisonous plants. However, the cat may not tolerate an ingredient from his daily diet. Also, if you have recently changed your pet’s diet, he may have diarrhea.

Flaky Skin

A poor diet that lacks the essential nutrients and minerals for felines may cause dry and flaky skin. In addition to flaky skin, the cat will also have a dull coat.

Flaky skin may also be caused by wind, sun, the use of an unsuitable shampoo, skin infections or thyroid dysfunction. Stating for sure the diet as causing the flaky skin is difficult, so the vet will typically rule out all the other possible before suspecting the cat’s diet.

Hair Loss

Hair loss may have dietary causes; typically cats that have a diet that is poor in proteins and fats may experience hair loss.

Lethargy or Lack of Activity

If your cat doesn’t receive the necessary nutrients he may also be lethargic and will typically be less active. You should look at the protein content of the food you give your pet; cats require proteins and increasing the protein intake may make your pet more active.