Using a Cat Laxative for Hairball Relief

If your cat has a problem with hairballs, consider using a cat laxative to mitigate the issue. Cat hair balls are produced when a cat grooms himself, ingesting a small quantity of his own hair.

Hairballs Can Cause Feline Constipation

Overtime, this hair builds up in the digestive system, and can't be broken down, making an obstruction in the feline body. This causes vomiting, as your cat will try to throw up the hairball to clear the obstruction. Other cats experience feline constipation, as the hairball can impact fecal accumulation.

The Ease of Administering a Cat Laxative

Laxatives work as lubricants in your cat's system, and are available in a variety of flavors that are more palatable for your pet. By applying the laxative paste to your cat's paw, he will begin licking it to clean himself, which provides an easy way to administer the medication.

Petroleum or Mineral Oil Laxatives

The laxative is usually made of petroleum, although some use mineral oil. Mineral oil is typically frowned upon as a treatment for constipation, because aspiration of the flavorless, odorless oil can cause pneumonia in your cat's lungs.