How to Inspect the Cat Penis for Disease

Certain signs around the cat penis can indicate serious problems which require veterinary attention. If your cat is licking his penis frequently, or seems to have trouble urinating, these may be signs of urinary tract diseases. Here's how you should inspect the area for these problems:

How to See the Feline Penis

Put your cat in your lap and gently massage the sheath covering his penis, (known as the Prepuce) until the penis extends; emerging an inch or more.

Problems to Look For

It is normal for the penis to be moist. Look for signs of dark red discoloration near the tip; also look for small crystalline grains, or what look like grains of sand. These are both signs of urinary tract infection. Look for any signs of discharge and feel in and around the lower belly for a mass or cyst-like formation. This would be a large mass, possibly as large as a tennis ball or a lemon. It could indicate a blockage of the urinary tract, which you should regard as a serious emergency. If you find any of these conditions you should arrange to see your veterinarian as soon as possible.