Cat Spray Odor Control

Cat spray odor can be potent, but there are techniques you can use to eliminate the smell and prevent respraying.

Why Cats Spray

Cats spray for several reasons. Male cat spray behavior is usually caused by territory marking. Intact males spray more, so consider neutering if you have not yet done so.

If you have a sick cat, spray may be a sign of illness. Bladder problems and stones can cause litter box avoidance. In some cases, a cat anxiety disorder such as loneliness or stress may cause spraying.

Eliminating Cat Spray Odors

To successfully remove urine odors, you need to find the source. A portable black light can be used to fluoresce the area. Urine and spray spots will glow. Mark them for treatment.

Use a commercial enzyme-based products designed to neutralize and destroy urine odors. Apply liberally and let dry. Several treatments may be necessary. If treating carpet, be sure that the formula gets through to the underlayment.

Do not use an ammonia-based cleaner. It may encourage remarking.