Cat Tear Stain Removal

Cat tear stain removal techniques are important for many pet owners who own a cat with excessive tear stains. Tear stains are a common problem presented in cats and dogs, especially those with lighter colored fur and heavy tearing. Cat tear stains may appear to be pink, red, or brown discoloration in the fur, near the tear ducts of the eye. They are caused by heavy tearing that overflows from the tear ducts and eyes into the coat. It can also be a frustrating problem for pet owners who do not know the proper methods of tear stain removal. Often, simple bathing and cleaning will not remove heavy tear stains and further cleaning methods will be needed. To learn more about tear stain removal in felines, continue reading. 


Common Causes for Excessive Tearing in Felines


There are various possible causes for tearing in your pet, including the following conditions:

  • A Blockage in the tear ducts

  • Eye conditions and inflammations

  • Abnormal draining system in the eyes and tear ducts

  • Allergies

  • Bacterial infections

  • Eye irritants or yeast infections

It is important to know that the best way to prevent tear stains from appearing in your cat in the first place is to stop the cause of them. If the cause of your pet's tear stains is something that can be prevented or is caused by an allergy or infection, it is advised that you contact a veterinarian for proper treatment.

Certain breeds of cats are also more prone to excessive tearing and facial staining than other breeds. Breeds with a lighter colored skin and coat are much more likely to develop discoloration and staining due to tear overflow. Remember, a tear stain is more likely to show on white fur than brown or black fur, as well. 

Why Should Pet Owners Treat Excessive Tear Stains in Cats?

Other than the obvious fact that tear stains can be unsightly, they can also pose a potential problem to your pet's health. In addition, they often are smelly and unattractive, and should be properly treated. Tear stains can build up over time, causing several potential problems for your cat. They can commonly cause facial irritation, infections, and discomfort. They are also known to cause matting of the hair in the affected area, causing further problems and discomfort. When crust starts to appear in the stained area, it is very important to clean up the problem because crusty eyes may cause serious eye problems in felines. 

Ways to help clean tear stains and keep the area tidy may include frequent wiping with water, keeping the area trimmed, and removing all tear residue and crust. It is very important to be extremely gentle, especially when dealing with the sensitive area of the eye. Please use extreme caution when using scissors or trimming the area of the eye. 

Remedies For Tear Stains

There are currently many products available for the use of tear stain removal in felines. Many natural or herbal products for removing tear stains may be easier for your pet to handle than harsh products. Most of the products are easy to use and highly effective. Visit your local pet store or veterinarian office to purchase tear stain removal products for cats and dogs.