Distinguishing Useful Cat Training Aids From Gimmicks

Cat training aids can help improve cat behavior or start good habits early. Some products are better than others, and often the best tools are simple training aids without gimmicks. When it comes to training any animal, the most important tools are patience, rewards, and repetition.

Direct Instinctive Behavior to Appropriate Outlets

If your cat is tearing apart furniture, offer a scratching post or scratching pad as an alternative spot to sharpen his claws. Scratching posts and pads don't have to be elaborate. What is most important is if the cat uses the aids, so always take your cat to the scratching post or mat to encourage this behavior and reward him. Some cats will need more than one scratching aid so try both a post and mat, which come in a variety of materials, to stop problem scratching.

Grab Their Attention With Catnip and Toys

Catnip is a great aid and is in many products. Catnip can be rubbed on a litter box or scratching posts and pads to encourage pets to use these instead of household items, or put in toys to promote playing. Favorite toys can also be put near scratching posts to draw cats to these areas. Rewards like catnip are the best way to encourage good behavior. Scolding cats does little to help and only sends wrong signals and causes confusion.

Cat enclosures are often used to keep indoor cats safe when outside. Starting early with leash training is a better way to control your cat outdoors and keep him safe. Leashes are easy to carry, can go anywhere, and a great way to exercise cats.