Cat Urination Problems

Cat urination problems can often be the cause a cat is abandoned. However, cat urination problems can be managed and solved. Inappropriate urination can be due to a medical problem, old age, mating season or may be a behavior issue. Determining the cause is important in establishing how these problems can be solved.

Causes of Urination Problems

Cat urination in inappropriate places can be very annoying for cat owners and can also ruin the bond between the cat and the owner.

The main causes of inappropriate elimination include:

  • Mating season; male cats will mark their territory and females will spray to transmit the other cats that she is available for mating
  • Stress or separation anxiety
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Bladder stones
  • Old age; senior cats may have urination problems either due to the fact that they may have vision problems and have difficulties in finding the litter box or because they cannot control their bladder; a cat with joint pain may not be able to move to the litter box and urinate in a more convenient spot
  • Inappropriate training; if a cat hasn’t been properly trained to use the litter box, he may urinate around the house
  • A change in the litter brand or the location of the litter box

Determining the Cause of Inappropriate Urination

If you notice that your cat urinates in inappropriate places, you should find out the reason why he does that. Monitor your pet for additional symptoms.

Visit the vet to rule out any medical problems. A medical issue may also be signaled by increased urination, blood in the urine and excessive meowing. Try to think back and see if there are any reasons your cat might be stressed.

If your pet is not neutered, the spraying is most commonly due to the mating season; the cat will also spend a lot of time outdoors, will be awake during the night and may be very vocal.

Solving Urination Problems

The solution of the cat’s urination problems will depend on the determining cause of the behavior. If the cat hasn’t been properly trained, he should get some feline training classes that focus on the appropriate use of the litter box. You may also teach your pet how to use the litter box.

If there is a medical issue, the cat must get some antibiotic treatment. If the cat is too old, the litter box should be placed close to where the cat usually sits.

Spraying can be solved by neutering the cat; spraying is effective in over 90% of male cats and over 95% of female cats.

If the cat’s inappropriate urination is stress related, he may get some medication such as Prozac or other mild antidepressants.

If no solution works and a list of possible medical problems have been ruled out, you should consult a behavioral specialist. Never punish your cat if he urinates in inappropriate places.