Cat Urine Problems: 5 Tips to Elminate House Soiling

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Cat urine spread all around your house is a troublesome hygiene problem, and you're probably looking for solutions to get rid of this cat behavior. Random urination in the house is also known as spraying, and may have a number of causes. Knowing the reasons why cats spray the house will help you find a solution.

1. Neutering Your Cat

Very often, your cat sprays in the house because he wants to send a signal to other felines. This is a method of communication and marking his territory, and it's also common in cats that are ready to mate. Neutering your cat will end this type of behavior and is the most frequently used method to stop spraying. A neutered cat should stop spraying within 6 months after the procedure.

2. Diffusers of Cat Pheromone

If you want to stop your cat from spraying and you don't want to neuter him, you can use plug-in pheromone diffusers. These devices will diffuse a cat urine scent and will stop your cat peeing on walls and corners of your home.

3. Cat Litter

Get a scented cat litter that smells like urine; your cat might want to urinate there because he recognizes the smell. This is not a 100% effective method, but may work for some cats.

4. Cat Urinary Infection

Your cat may have a urinary tract infection (UTI), which is a disease that causes painful urination. Because of this, the cat will try to avoid peeing on the cat litter, believing that the litter itself causes the pain. Even neutered cats can soil your house if they suffer from a urinary infection.

You can easily determine if your cat sprays because of UTI: the spraying behavior appears suddenly and your cat is urinating only a few drops at a time. The urinary infection is a severe disease and if you fail to get treatment, your cat will be susceptible to kidney disease and even kidney failure.

5. Therapy or Affection

A urine problem may suddenly occur when your cat suffers from stress or anxiety. Cats are very sensitive and may be stressed due to the slightest change in his life. If you have moved to a new house, have a new family member, someone moved out, you moved his litter box or changed his litter brand, these can cause stress in your cat.

Therapy may easily solve this problem and sometimes your affection and reassuring can make things better.

Switch back to the old litter brand if you have changed it or try to get your cat used to the new location of the litter box and the new litter brand.

In severe cases of stress, drugs may be prescribed. Valium can calm your cat and stop the urine problem. However, watch out for the side effects such as sleepiness, inactivity and lack of affection towards you and family members.

Identifying your cat's reasons for house soiling can solve the problem. Observe your cat's behavior to figure out if there are reasons for stress or if neutering is a solution.