Administering Cat Worming Tablets

Cat worming is the use of medication to eliminate worm parasites from your pet. Most cats are infected with some kind of worm, especially in their intestines. The most common are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, heartworms or tapeworms. Mothers may pass along feline worms to their kittens. Cats can also become infected by ingesting worm eggs found in feces, grass, wild animals, fleas and other household pets. Anti-worm drugs are the most common way to remove parasites and eggs from your cat's system.

Helpful Worming Medications to Treat Cat Worms

Frequently prescribed deworming medications are Drontal, Cestex or Inteceptor tablets. Typically, cats aren't used to swallowing pills, so administering these drugs can be challenging. One method is to disguise the tablet in a soft cat treat or a portion of tuna or cheese. You can also mix a crushed pill into your cat's food. In this case, it's important for her to eat the entire serving. Otherwise, she may not get the complete dose of the drug.

You can also try administering the pill by hand. Use a firm but gentle grip on the hinges of your cat's jaw. Tilt her head back until her eyes face the ceiling. With your other hand, place the pill far back between her lower front teeth. Keeping your her mouth closed, lower your cat's head to a normal position. Lightly blow on her nose-this often triggers a licking and swallowing response. Complete the task by giving your cat a treat or a few reassuring strokes.